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June 14th 2019 Pranayam Techniques For Good Life


Life evolved on earth a 130 million years back. After the evolution of all living species, Human beings came into existence since a very short span of time compared to the other support systems in the life span of mother earth. (AmaithiniSystem) Yet, since2100 years, humans have caught up with the belief that Religion shows the way for living and started preaching that their religion is supreme. These misdirected thought forces have ended up in destroying the peace, fighting to prove that their religion is supreme with vested interests. However, Sanathana(Eternal) principles existed much before the concept of religion, as a prudent way of living in peace with fellow beings and nature, termed as Dharma, the thought force which was reigning supreme across the globe.

Sanathana Dharma advocates authentically that human beings are governed by eternal principles, which when practiced as a way of life, fulfills the very purpose of human existence. It is much more scientific beyond what present-day science is aware of. Dharma uplifts a human to be mighty as Almighty.

The scientific secrets of Universe – Creation, Organising, and Destruction have already been known to the most internally advanced humans, in the medieval period in the Indian sub-continent. However, due to invasions and rule by other thought forces for centuries, the quintessence of the deepest knowledge of purposeful living as perSanathana Dharma is fading away. Strangely, the Eternal principles being in the wave and energy form, they re-establish themselves time and over again to re-direct the humans to be righteous, live in peace and harmony on earth.

The energy in various forms, governing all the processes in Universe have expressed themselves in the deep form of realisation to the seekers, those who can tune themselves to this frequency and appeared in the form of sounds. These are captured and analysed by the scientists of the yore respectfully known as Rishis, documented as Vedas, Upanishads etc. Each frequency of sound energy has a mighty capacity to manifest in making things happen in the universe. A specific, orderly combination of various sound energy frequencies, known as Mantras manifests itself in most complex processes inside the living beings and the in Universe as a whole. To keep these secrets alive forever, the Puranas, Epics have been created based on the real-life examples of Godly figures, remembered for all times to come.

Akshara Bramha, Dr.Kaipa S Seshadri is an enlightened soul, who has been blessed with all the wisdom of universe, still living a saint’s life style amidst society, revealing the Sanathanasecrets to seekers who came in to his circle of influence, who deserve – may be few thousands since 25 years. He possesses an ocean of Vedic wisdom which the scholars see it with awe. He can tune with any higher frequency and the wisdom pours out.

It’s only recently, some of his passionate disciples pondered with the idea of sharing his noble self to the world in an organised way. This, surely helps a million to open their inner eyes and follow the path with intellectual honesty.

Consequently, the Organisation ‘Science Beyond Sense’ was born on the auspicious occasion of 74th birthday of Dr.Kaipa Guruji on 13.05.2019 as a not-for-profit, spiritual organisation. The main objective is to reach as many humans as possible on earth to understand world outside and inside and to enable them to be as mighty as Almighty through practice of Sanathana scriptures as universal order.

The fundamental principles on which ‘Science Beyond Sense’ is built on:

  • SanathanaDharma unites all humans with intellectual honesty. All Humans need Dharma, not Religion.
  • Atman – Human soul is created by Supreme Soul as pure & strong but weakened by ignorance over time.
  • Sanathana Principles are the same to all enlightened souls but interpretation, social behavior creates disharmony.
  • Dharma needs to be lived by all humans to enhance the quality of life on earth.
  • The Gross entity is similar to the smallest; Human body contains all that is in the universe.
  • All entities in the Universe have a Nucleus and objects around them, like the solar system.
  • Everything in the universe is an interplay between Matter and Energy at different frequencies.

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